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AFSCME, the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, AFL-CIO, is the nation’s largest union of public employees, with over 1.6 million members. AFSCME Council 73 New Jersey is one of the 65 district councils that are affiliated with AFSCME International.


Our Local, Local 3440 is Local withing council 73 of New Jersey.


Council 73′s 10,000 affiliated members work for cities, counties, the State, the private sector and other local units of government.

In the AFSCME structure, local unions join together in Councils so that their Council can provide professional representation, administrative services, research, education, training, and International resources to their members. Council 73 was chartered by the International Union in 1971 to provide administrative and representational services to AFSCME Local Unions in Central New Jersey. Since then the Council has grown to represent more then 10,000 public and private sector workers in 66 Local Unions in New Jersey.


In addition to Council 73, there are three other AFSCME Councils in New Jersey.Council 52 represents members in North Jersey, and Council 71 represents members in South Jersey. Council 1 is responsible for negotiating the contract that covers State employees in the health care and rehabilitation services unit and handle grievances and disciplinary cases for these members once they go beyond the institutional level. Councils 73, 52 and 71 handle grievance and disciplinary cases for these members at the institutional level.




Each AFSCME Local is a self-governing unit. Each has its own constitution, elects its own officers, and determines its own policies. Members of each Local select their own negotiating committee, and vote to accept or reject proposed contracts.



Local leaders, elected by their co-workers, provide the day-to-day representation on the job and the direction for the local union that AFSCME members rely on.



All of Council 73′s Officers and Executive Board members are public or private sector employees who hold full-time jobs in addition to their duties at the Council. Delegates representing every local in the Council elect the Officers every four years at Council 73′s convention. The convention also sets the Council’s policies and priorities for the coming year.


Delegates to AFSCME’s International Union convention elect AFSCME’s International president, secretary-treasurer and regional vice-presidents every four years. International convention delegates, representing local unions, also determine the policies and programs for the International union.

Official Address

Afscme Local County Administartion - Local 3440. Bld 2nd Fl 75 Bayard St PO 88 New Brunswick, NJ 08901

President: David Griffin

Email: / Cell: 732-754-0614