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Afscme Local 3440 News

May 7, 2024.

Please be advised that the E-board and negotiating team will soon be starting negotiations for the upcoming contract and are accepting proposals.

For further information, please contact your shop steward. Additionally, information will be provided at the monthly meetings beginning in September.

***Important***  If you have not filled out a Union Membership Card please understand you need to do so.
It is necessary for Voting Rights! Please Stay Informed.

Thank you,
Dave Griffin
President Local 3440
Cell: 732-754-0614


To become a member of our Union all you have to do is fill out the Union Membership card to apply (see below). You can obtain a card from your shop steward or you can print one out from this page. Once you fill it out you can either hand deliver it to your shop steward or you can forward it through interoffice mail – Attn. Dave Griffin Roosevelt Park Theatre. To print a Paper membership card from this page click the “Download Link” on this site to download a paper copy of the card. Then print it out from your own computer. Once printed out just fill it out completely and hand to your shop steward.