Afscme | FAQ’s
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Why should I be a Full Dues paying Member in the Union?

Being a full dues paying member has many advantages. The most important advantage is that being a member gives you a voice. As a Full Dues paying Member you will have the right to vote on contracts and vote for your Union Officers (shop stewards). If you are not a full member you will have no say in these important areas. As a non member you will not be able to access any Union event that requires a Union card to participate.

How do I become a full dues paying member?

All you have to do is fill out a Union Membership card to apply. You can obtain a card from your shop steward or you can print one out from this website. Once you fill it out you can either hand deliver it to your shop steward or you can forward it through interoffice mail – Attn. Dave Griffin Roosevelt Park Theatre. To print Paper Cards via this site.  Go to the “Membership Link” on this site to download a paper copy of the card.  Then print it out from your own computer. Once printed out just fill it out completely and hand to your shop steward.

What does the Union do for me?

The Union does a lot. It stands up for your rights and enforces the contract everyday. The Union negotiates your contract with it’s members best interests in mind. It negotiates your medical benefits, drug prescription plan, vacation days, sick days, and more. The Union defends the pension and provides legal defense if needed. These are just some examples of a list that goes on and on.